Prestantia Eco Heating & Renewables are your trusted supplier & installer of the latest-generation heating systems for homes and businesses. We are committed to providing efficient and cost-effective services that reduce your bills, fuel consumption and carbon emissions. We design your new system to run as efficiently as possible so that you can maximise the benefits of your new installation or boiler replacement.

Save on your annual gas bills by installing an A-rated boiler

We only recommend and install A-Rated, efficient boilers with up to 12 years manufacturer’s warranty*. Our experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers will provide you with the right boiler and controls, ensuring that your system runs as efficiently as possible and helping to reduce your bills, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions.

Research from the Energy Saving Trust tells us that switching out older, less efficient models for new ones could result in annual savings between £135 and £365.

Expert Design & Installation

Our experts will conduct a survey, discuss your requirements and establish the heat output needed from underfloor heating or radiators. We also offer a range of boilers and controls for you to view in our showroom, and one of our knowledgeable engineers can discuss your options with you.

Once the installation is complete, our Gas Safe Registered engineers will provide full instructions on how your new central heating system works. We prioritise care, safety, and attention to detail, so you can feel confident that your new system is installed correctly.

What are the different types of A-rated boilers?

Most modern boilers are more efficient due to their condensing technology. Older boilers lose heat through exhaust flues; condensing boilers recover this to heat central heating water.

The two main types of gas boilers are :

Combi boilers– heat hot water on demand and don’t require a hot water cylinder or a cold-water tank, so you’ll save on space as well as your energy use. As a result, they’re often the best choice for smaller properties.

System boilers– have a separate hot water cylinder to store hot water. They’re usually best for homes with multiple bathrooms as they can simultaneously provide hot water to taps.

Your choice may also be determined by a need to work with renewable heating technology – system boilers are more compatible with solar thermal water heating and heat pumps.

Gas Servicing & Support

Keeping your gas appliances in top shape is essential for maximum safety and efficiency. At Prestantia Eco, our Gas Safe Engineers go beyond paper checks to give you the peace of mind that comes with a thorough annual service – filter cleaning, combustion testing, and more are all part of the work we do. Plus, if yours doesn’t have one already, we can provide an additional CO detector so you’ll be even safer!

By not servicing your boiler annually, you may be invalidating your warranty. The manufacturer will likely request evidence that the appliance has been regularly serviced before they attend to any breakdowns or repair calls usually covered by your warranty.

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Quality Services
and Support

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services and support. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, ensuring that all gas works are done safely and to the highest standards professionally and quickly.


Our team of Gas Safe Engineers will attend to all gas works, from emergency breakdowns to new installations.

Our team is available 24/7, so if you have an emergency, we will aim to be with you within an hour.

Repairs and

Our experienced team of Gas Safe Engineers help with any repairs and diagnostics for domestic and commercial gas appliances. Our team is highly trained and experienced in all types of gas work and can help with any problems you may have. We can also provide replacement and upgraded systems and annual servicing.

Accredited Installers*

All works carried out by our team of experts at Prestantia Eco are insured by the Qualitymark 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, giving you peace of mind that quality standards will be met according to MCS requirements maintaining consistently high standards to our pledge of low carbon installations.

*Depending on manufacturer selection, we can provide extended warranties.

Need Help?

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