Experience the future of eco-friendly heating with Smart Control Heating Systems from Prestantia Eco. Our innovative, intelligent solutions offer unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and savings while minimising your carbon footprint.

Ultimate Convenience

Manage your heating system from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or internet-connected device. Whether at work, on holiday, or just relaxing in another room, you have complete control over your home or business’s heating.

Room-by-Room Control

With Smart Controls, you can customise the temperature in each room independently, ensuring you only heat the spaces you use. This level of precision reduces energy waste and creates a comfortable environment tailored to your unique needs.

Seamless Compatibility

Our Smart Controls are designed to work with most boilers and heating systems, including solar thermal panels, heat pumps, and underfloor heating. Trust our expert engineers to provide seamless integration with your existing setup.

Save on Energy Bills

By optimising your heating usage with Smart Controls, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills. Invest in a smarter, greener future and start saving today.

How do smart thermostats work?

Smart thermostats work by connecting your heating system to the internet, enabling you to control it via an app on a smartphone or other mobile device.

Most smart thermostats will work with the main voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but they can also be adjusted via the control unit.  Functionality extends far beyond that of a traditional (non-smart) unit which typically offers a limited range of programming options, such as weekday and weekend modes.

The number of extra features provided by a smart thermostat depends on the model, but here are some examples:

Homes with a separate hot water tank can have complete control of hot water as well as heating

‘Learning’ thermostats can make automatic adjustments based on your usage

Draught detection will tell you if you’re wasting heat

Geolocation technology will tell the system to switch off if you’re out or on if you’re returning home

New features are constantly being added; our experienced team at Prestantia Eco will help advise and install the best smart heating controls for you.

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Expert Installation

At Prestantia, our qualified and experienced engineers are ready to supply and install a range of innovative Smart Heating products, including Smart Room Thermostats and Smart Radiator Valves. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system has been set up by professionals who care about your satisfaction and the environment.

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