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With more than 17 years’ experience, Prestantia is a trusted installer of latest-generation heating systems for homes and businesses.

Our extensive range of high-efficiency and renewable heating solutions includes air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar thermal systems, and A-rated gas boilers. All will enable you to save money while living more sustainably, doing your bit to help the UK meet its net zero target.

Our fantastic reputation has been built on our expert service and the installation of high-quality, market-leading products. Much of our work comes through recommendations.

Prestantia Eco serves domestic and business customers across Worcestershire and the West Midlands, enabling them to save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Get up to £7500 off a new heat pump with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

We’re excited to announce that the Boiler Upgrade Scheme has been extended until 2028! We offer grants of up to £6,000 for buying and installing an air-source heat pump or ground-source heat pump. Contact us for further information or click learn more.

Get £5,000 off a new heat pump

We’re excited to announce that the Boiler Upgrade Scheme has been extended until 2028! We offer grants of up to £6,000 for buying and installing an air-source heat pump or ground-source heat pump. Contact us for further information or click learn more.

We’re with you every step of the way

Changing the energy source to your home can be quite a daunting prospect, but our friendly and professional team will be with you at every point.

From your initial enquiry to switching on your new renewable heating system, you can be assured that Prestantia Eco will be there to support you and answer your queries.

Having listened to your requirements, we’ll guide you through our extensive range of high-efficiency and renewable energy solutions, helping you to make the right choice.

We’ll also explain what funding schemes and grants are available to subsidise the cost of renewable energy installations. Only accredited installation companies such as Prestantia Eco can offer these benefits and we’ll work with you on your grant application.

If you would like to help save our planet and save money at the same time, please get in touch

If you would like to help save our planet and save money at the same time, please get in touch

Focused on quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do and our extensive accreditations and certifications reflect this.

An MCS certified installer – assuring our customers that we install to industry-expected quality levels every time.

A member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) – giving consumers the necessary confidence and service standards to enable them to make an informed choice.

Prestantia Eco is also Gas Safe registered, an Ariston Accredited Installer and a member of the Daikin Sustainable Homes Network.

Our eco showroom – demonstrating the latest technology

We believe it’s important for our domestic and business customers to be able to view and fully understand the benefits of the renewable energy technology we install in their properties. This is why we’ve set up a dedicated eco showroom on the ground floor of our headquarters.

Demonstrating all the low-carbon and renewable technologies that we offer, on display are high efficiency gas boilers, heat pumps and high efficiency water heaters, system controls and thermostats.

To enable us to discuss individual requirements, tours must be booked in advance – please contact us to arrange an appointment.

We look forward to introducing you to a greener way of living!

Our eco offices – practising what we preach

Prestantia Eco’s head office was originally a base for the historic Royal Enfield motorcycle company. It has now been transformed into a high-spec, eco-friendly building.

Heating is provided by a 9KW are source heat pump which operates alongside energy-saving measures such as high efficiency radiators, LED lighting, low profile underfloor heating, air source heat pump water heaters, double glazing and the latest insulation.

The next stage of the building’s evolution will see us install a solar PV (photovoltaic) panel and battery system to enable us to generate and store our own electricity.

We also support the environment by making monthly contributions to Greenpeace and partnering with the Heart of England Forest to fund the planting of a tree for every air source heat pump we install

Our Eco Vision

The race is on to save the world from the impact of climate change, and we all have a responsibility to join it.

From storms, fires and floods to melting ice caps and record-breaking temperatures, we’re already seeing the catastrophic effects of global warming caused by the way we currently live our lives.

Global temperatures have risen by 1°C and going forward the aim is to limit this to below 1.5°C. The UK has set a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To meet this challenge will require huge change in the decades to come with a move away from our reliance on fossils fuels such as oil and gas.

Whilst we’ll need to revisit how we travel and produce food, the way we heat our homes and businesses is also a key area to focus on. In a relatively cold country such as the UK, heating consumes huge amounts of energy, emitting high levels of carbon into the atmosphere.

The first major change will come in 2025 when gas boilers banned in new homes, which will have to switch to renewable energy sources that draw their heat from the air, ground or sun. Other homes and business properties will be expected to follow suit.

Global warming – be part of the solution, not the problem

Our Eco Products

Prestantia Eco is here to help you make the change to renewable and high efficiency heating.

Our installation services include:

Air Source

An air source heat pump is a renewable energy source that cuts energy bills and CO2 emissions by using heat from the outside air to heat your home.


Solar thermal is a renewable energy source that uses the sun’s energy to heat water for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Ground Source

A groundwater heat pump heats your home by transferring naturally renewed heat from the ground outside to heat your radiators or underfloor heating.

Gas Fired

A modern, efficient heating system is vital for cutting carbon emissions and fuel bills.

Under Floor

Underfloor heating is an efficient, eco-friendly heating choice that is suitable for most property types.

Smart Controls

Smart thermostats such as Hive, Google Nest and Tado are the new way to control your heating.


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is typically installed in new build or refurbishment projects.

Start cooling your energy bills too

Non-renewable energy is not only bad for the environment it’s also prone to huge price increases caused by global events. The less we rely on it, the more we’ll control and cut our spiralling bills.

Don’t be put off by the cost of installing a renewable energy heating system because help is at hand. Whilst installing a heat pump is currently more expensive than installing a traditional boiler, government grants are available to cover the additional cost.

Running from 2022 to 2025, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme will provide £5,000 towards the cost of an air source heat pump and £6,000 for ground source heat pumps.

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Our Suppliers

Eco Servicing

Maintaining and servicing renewable energy heating systems

Regular checks and servicing are needed to ensure your renewable energy heating technology continues to run effectively and efficiently.

Prestantia Eco’s qualified engineers service and maintain all the main forms of renewable heating systems, even if we didn’t install them originally. They include:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Solar thermal and Solar PV systems
  • MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems

We also repair renewable energy heating systems so if your technology isn’t working as it should please get in touch.

renewable heating solutions

Renewable heating systems – the benefits of regular maintenance

There’s a long list of reasons to service your renewable heating system and keep it well maintained:

  • Lower energy bills – ensuring your system is operating properly will maximise its efficiency and minimise your energy bills, a vital consideration at a time of rapidly-rising prices.

  • Minimising your carbon footprint – an efficiently-running system also lowers your CO2 usage which helps the environment and contributes to the UK’s aim of achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHS) emissions by 2050.

  • Reducing repair costs – spotting and resolving potential problems earlier can save more expensive repair and replacement at a later stage.

  • Extending warranty cover – routine checks will ensure than your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid and, where applicable, you remain compliant with the requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

  • Prolonging the life of your system – a properly-installed and well-maintained system should last 25 years or more. Regular servicing will help your system to provide your heating needs for years to come.

  • A comfortable heated home – avoid the prospect of chilly rooms and cold showers by ensuring your home heating and water system is working as it should.

  • Peace of mind – you’ll know that your system is working perfectly and that you’re doing everything you can to avoid sudden breakdowns, save on your energy bills and help the environment.

Air source heat pumps require little maintenance, and an annual service will help to ensure your system works effectively for many years.

Prestantia Eco’s air source heat pump servicing will check your entire system and its performance, including the system filter, valves, expansion vessel, anti-freeze levels, pressure, electrics & controls and thermostats.

Solar hot water systems may be hidden away on your roof, but they shouldn’t be forgotten – regular checks and servicing are vital.

Prestantia Eco services all types of solar thermal systems and will offer advice on how to ensure yours is functioning properly. This includes keeping an eye out for trees that may start to block out sunlight!

Visual inspections will look for damage to the solar collectors and identify any problems with the pipework and insulation.

Our detailed service will then go onto to check all the controls and valves are working correctly and to test the level quality of the antifreeze heat transfer fluid – this will need replacing every four to five years to ensure panels remain fully protected during the winter months.

A ground source heat pump should be checked regularly, in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In most cases an annual service is required.

While an efficiently operating GSHP remains one of the best forms of renewable heat generation, a poorly maintained GSHP could be up to 25 per cent less efficient. 

Prestantia Eco’s engineers will ensure your ground source heat system is operating correctly and the power-hungry auxiliary heater isn’t coming on unnecessarily.

Our comprehensive checks will include the water pump, compressor, all controls, settings, pipework and fluids.

All boilers require an annual service and high-efficiency boilers are no exception – they work just as hard as older, less energy-efficient models.

Prestantia are Gas Safe registered. We specialise in all gas-fired models and we’ll ensure your boiler is working effectively and safely for you and your family.

Any issues will be identified and fixed, minimising the chances of any breakdown and ensuring that you continue to recoup the energy savings from your A-rated boiler.

Running 24/7, 365 days per year, MVHR systems work hard and need regular servicing to keep them operating effectively.

MVHR systems filter out the airborne particles that we don’t want to breathe in. However, these particles, which include dust, hair, insects and grease, can quickly clog up the system.

Prestantia Eco’s MVHR servicing removes debris from the heat exchanger and motors, preventing them from seizing up. We also replace filters and check ducting and air valves.

Unvented hot water cylinders are a popular addition to a pressurised heating system, supplying hot water without the need for a gravity-fed tank.

A direct unvented cylinder uses an immersion heater while an indirect unvented cylinder relies on an external heat source such as a boiler or solar thermal system.

Many property owners are unaware that both types of unvented cylinders require regular maintenance and servicing.

The comprehensive service carried out by Prestantia Eco’s engineers includes wide-ranging pressure and temperature-related checks, including the cylinder’s expansion vessel, programming controls, thermostats and other electrics. We also check the system for leaks.

Central heating inhibitor needs to be added to protect your system and stop rust and minerals building up in radiators and pipework.

If your system is older or your radiators are not heating up as you would expect, we offer a power-flushing service which removed sludge and rust from the system leaving it running more efficiently, reducing the risk of breakdowns.

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Funding for your renewable heat technology

Boiler Upgrade Scheme – Funding of up to £6,000 for your new heat pump

From April 2022, households in England and Wales can apply for a government grant of at least £5,000 to upgrade to a heat pump.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) provides funding of £5,000 towards the installation and upfront cost of air source heat pumps (ASHPs) and grants of £6,000 for ground source heat pumps (GSHPs).

Operated on behalf of the UK Government by Ofgem, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme replaces the Renewable Heat Incentive, which closed to new applicants on March 31, 2022.

Prestantia Eco is part of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and, as an eligible installer, will lead the grant application and voucher redemption process on your behalf for a range of renewable heating solutions.

Don’t miss out – contact us today!

Available between April 2022 until April 2025, grants are provided on a first come, first served basis.

The scheme is only expected to fund the provision of 90,000 heat pumps in England and Wales so if you’d like to save money on your heat pump installation, please get in touch with us today.

Am I eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

  • Your property must be in England or Wales.
  • You must be a homeowner or small business owner. The scheme doesn’t cover new builds or social housing.
  • Your building must have been issued an energy performance certificate (EPC) in the past 2 years and meet loft or cavity wall insulation requirements. If you haven’t got an EPC, you’ll need to get one.
Prestantia Eco will be able to provide further advice and guidance

What heating system are eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

  • Air source heat pump and ground source heat pump systems up to a capacity limit of 45 kWth.
  • With the exception of self-build properties, heat pumps must replace existing fossil fuel systems or direct electric systems.
  • Systems must be efficient with a minimum Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of 2.8
  • Whilst solar thermal hot water systems are not directly supported, they can be installed with a heat pump that is funded through the scheme.

Boiler began leaking after council contractors had serviced it, had given up with waiting for council to repair boiler so called in Prestantia after a neighbour recommended them and they have got it all sorted and right before Christmas too. I’m a very happy customer and will be contacting them again in the future for other home improvements. Highly recommend!


Great family run business that I have used on multiple occasions & always happy with their work. Efficient, friendly & good value for money.

Can’t recommend enough – use them!

Anthony L.

Richard and his team were with me within 90 minutes of me calling at 08:50.

I received a great service and will be confident to recommend to family and friends as well as using them for all future house improvements.

Thanks again Prestanita.

Sean Mc C.

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